WE-cycle Basics

WE-cycle is designed for short, transit-oriented trips. Whether you want to get to the bus faster or make a one-way trip across town, WE-cycle is there for you. The first 30-minutes are free, for every ride you take. After 30 minutes, Overtime Fees accrue at rates: + $0.50 per minute for pedal bikes and + $5.00 per minute for e-bikes.

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Use Your Smartphone 

The quickest way to get a bike is to download the free app, Transit.  You can use Transit to create your WE-cycle account, find bikes and stations around town, and request unlock codes to ride. It’s also a great app for multi-modal transportation users; Transit connects with RFTA’s schedule and allows you to track real-time bus information.

Keycard Access

You can sign up, ride, and unlock a bike without a smartphone. Carry a keycard for the most reliable bike checkout experience, cell service can be spotty at certain stations. Log into your WE-cycle account to request a keycard or pick one up at any of the following locations:

24/7, keycards on door:

  • WE-cycle Aspen Shop: 465 North Mill Street, Unit 3
  • WE-cycle Basalt Shop: 129 Emma Road, Unit A1

Open hours:

  • Aspen - Rubey Park Transit Center
  • Basalt - Basalt Regional Library
  • Snowmass Village - Club Commons Housing Office
How to: the Pass Card

Pedal Bikes

The 232 silver bikes are easy to use, conveniently available throughout our entire system, and completely powered by your pedal strokes.

WE-cycle e-bikeshare pilot


WE-cycle e-bikes are Class 1 pedal-assist bikes, meaning that a small electric motor (without a throttle) helps propel you forward - up to speeds of 19 miles per hour. These 52 e-bikes make pedaling even easier, especially when biking uphill. Look for the blue and green e-bikes: 26 in Aspen and 26 in the Mid-Valley.

The Station

WE-cycle has 51 stations and all are 100% powered by the Colorado sun. Of these, 7 will automatically recharge the batteries of docked e-bikes. You may checkout or dock any bike at any WE-cycle station.


The Dock

A bike’s parking place. Look to the keypad, at the left of each bike, for implementing your checkout mode of choice - this is where you insert your keycard or type your unlock code from Transit.

Rules of the Road

In Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using public roads. Be courteous, share the road, and obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals. Click here to learn more. Now you’re ready to get rolling! Please practice bike safety when riding WE-cycle.


Share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals. Do not ride on sidewalks or pedestrian malls.


Yield to all pedestrians. Slow down in busy areas.


Know where you’re going. Identify the station at the end of your ride and plan how you’ll get there.


Ride single file and with traffic. Signal turns to tell others where you are going.


Wear a helmet. Before you ride, adjust seat height and check brakes and tire pressure.