Using alternative transportation helps your wallet, your carbon footprint, and your community.

Aspen Transportation Options

ROARING FORK TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (RFTA) is the Valley's bus system with service from Aspen to Rifle. Riding RFTA is a great way to avoid traffic. Many WE-cycle stations are adjacent to RFTA stops to facilitate bike-bus-bike connectivity.

How can I use WE-cycle and RFTA together?

  • RFTA Seasonal Zone Passholders can activate their Zone Pass card as a WE-cycle pass. Sign up for WE-cycle and follow instructions to activate your Zone Pass.
  • Download Transit for real-time valley-wide RFTA schedules and WE-cycle locations and bike availability.


THE DOWNTOWNER is a fun, free and fresh-air service around Aspen. Use the Downtowner app to request a ride and review service boundaries. Operates from 11am–11pm.

CAR-TO-GO, Aspen's car share, is a perfect solution for those seeking to avoid purchasing a car. Membership includes access to hybrid vehicles located conveniently around town, gas, insurance, maintenance, snow removal and roadside assistance.

TOP PROGRAM, offered by City of Aspen, supports employers through grants and programming to encourage their employees to get to work using alternative transportation options.