It’s Been an Electrifying Year!

Ana riding a WE-cycle e-bike

Photos by Craig Turpin @risingsunphotog

Thank you for being part of our 9th season! We love your commitment to WE-cycle for point-to-point rides, quick trips across town, and access to transit. As we begin wrapping up, we are pleased to share some highlights from this electrifying year.

Most Popular Routes in Each System

  • Aspen: 8th Street → Hopkins | Mill
  • Mid-Valley: School Street | Devon Court → Basalt BRT Up Valley
  • Snowmass Village: Club Commons → Rodeo Lot | Town Park. Busiest single route, system-wide, with ~1,300 trips.

WE-cyclers Love E-bikes!

  • 26 e-bikes system-wide.
  • 16,500+ e-bike rides.
  • E-bikes (10% of our bikes) were used for 32% of all rides.
  • Average ride time: 9.34 minutes (1.1 minutes shorter than pedal bikes).
  • What hill?! ~72% of returns to the Aspen Valley Hospital and Roaring Fork Club stations were e-bikes.

Solar-powered E-charging Works!

This summer we pioneered groundbreaking technology with the first two solar-powered e-bikeshare stations in the US. The result: they shone as brightly and reliably as the Colorado sun! Another big takeaway: provide the solar power and they will come, they being the e-bikes. Thanks to our many WE-cyclers for riding e-bikes to e-stations for some extra juice.

This pilot was a partnership with Carbondale-based Skyhook Solar and Montreal-based PBSC Urban Solutions Inc and has been praised within the bikeshare industry as a key component in advancing the overall sustainability goals of bikeshare. WE-cycle is pleased to be at the forefront of this innovation and demonstrate that e-bikes can be effectively and consistently recharged with renewable power. The inside scoop… you’ll be seeing more next year.

E-charging Stations at a Glance

  • 2 e-charging stations (Basalt BRT, Aspen Valley Hospital)
  • 22 docking points
  • ~4 hours to complete an e-bike charge
  • 100% of e-bikes recharged at e-stations

Second Highest Ridership Season Ever

While the pandemic impacted systems of transportation and mobility, and continues to affect our lives and travel patterns in significant ways, WE-cycle is back! Both September and October of 2021 were record months for WE-cycle. In the Mid-Valley System, October ridership is up 32%!

Industry-wide, bikeshare is thriving by providing cities and towns with equitable, healthy, accessible, and environmentally-friendly transportation. WE-cycle is grateful to be part of this positive trend; together, we can make a difference one pedal stroke at a time.

Thank you WE-cyclers, partners, and sponsors for making 2021 a year of renewal and renewable innovation.

See you in the spring.