Free 30 minute rides with overtime fees

1 rider per account.
FREE Ride Pass is valid all season in Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass Village.

Sign up for WE-cycle on the app

Create a FREE account or download Transit  to sign up and check out a bike. 

Get a WE-cycle bike

Check out a bike at any of the 50 stations in our system. You can use Transit and and get an Unlock Code or insert your key card. Wait for the green light, pull firmly on the handlebars or lift the seat and let the bike roll out.

Return your WE-cycle bike

Return your bike to any station. Push firmly. Wait for the green light on the dock to make sure it’s locked. Time resets with each ride.

Ride WE-cycle again and again

Enjoy unlimited 30-minute (or less) rides in Aspen, Basalt and Snowmass Village. 


In Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using public roads. Be courteous, share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. Click here to learn more.

Rules of the Road: BE on the roadway

Don’t ride on sidewalks or pedestrian malls.

Rules of the Road: BE courteous

Share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. Ride to the right. Ride single file to allow vehicles to pass. Ride two abreast if you don't impede traffic. Use the shoulder (if one exists).


Yield to all pedestrians.

Rules of the Road: BE safe

WE-cycle riders are encouraged to wear a helmet. Make sure to wear it level and buckle the chin strap. Signal turns 100 feet in advance. Ride more slowly in heavy traffic. Tell others where you are going.

Rules of the Road: BE prepared and plan your route

Before you start riding, adjust the seat for your height, press the brakes to gauge resistance, and check that the tires are inflated. Do not ride a WE-cycle bike that appears to be out of order. Have a destination in mind.



For short, 30-minute rides to:

  • Get you across town
  • Get to the bus
  • Run errands
  • Get to an event
  • Skip parking and traffic
Bike share


For longer rides to:

  • Explore town
  • Enjoy the scenic trails
  • Ride the Rio Grande Trail
  • Get outside as a family
  • Make the most of your vacation
Renting a Bike to visit the Maroon Bells

Interested in a longer ride? Visit our local bike shops.

Aspen Bikes 430 S. Spring Street Aspen (970) 925-9169
Aspen E-bikes 302 Aspen Airport Business Center Aspen (970) 300-4912
Aspen Sports 408 E Cooper Avenue Aspen (970) 925-6331
Aspen Velo 465 N Mill Street #20 Aspen (970) 925-1495
Basalt Bike & Ski 

112 S Mill Street

731 East Valley Road



(970) 925-7662

(970) 927-3460

Four Mountain Sports

520 E Durant Avenue

76 Boomerang Road

45 Village Square

69 Wood Run





(970) 920-2337

(970) 544-3013

(970) 923-2337

(970) 923-0490

Hub of Aspen 616 E. Hyman Avenue Aspen (970) 925-7970
Replay Sports 465 N Mill Street #11 Aspen (970) 925-2483
Ride Aspen mobile bike shop Aspen (970) 404-0190
Silver City Cycles delivery only Aspen (970) 793-5471
Ute City Cycles 231 E. Main Street Aspen (970) 920-3325