Designed to facilitate bike transportation
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In partnership with, and funded by, the City of Aspen and the Town of Basalt, the small pilot of 6 bikes was intended to improve uphill commuting and accelerate rides between more distant stations. The pilot was aligned with WE-cycle's and both jurisdictions' collective vision to reduce local Co2 emissions, congestion, and vehicle miles traveled.

WE-cycle community-supported e-bikeshare was designed to provide safe, reliable, and low-carbon transportation in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The E-Pilot provided valuable learnings as to the strong interest in e-bikes, potential magnification of impacts, and areas for refinement. The following key findings are captured in the report:

  • High demand: the e-bikes were ridden 3 times more per day than the regular WE-cycle bikes.
  • New ridership patterns: the e-bikes facilitated uphill and longer distance commuting.
  • Barriers due to scale: the e-bikes represented only 2% of the entire WE-cycle fleet, as such they were more of a novel find rather than a reliable service.
  • Charging limitations: the e-bikes were recharged in the shop which limited their availability and hence e-charging stations would be of value.
  • Pricing structure: the E-Pilot's pricing structure (20-minutes versus 30-minutes on the regular WE-cycle bikes) accomplished it's goals but brought unexpected challenges to the rider experience.

As we assess next steps, we welcome your insights and reactions to the E-Pilot.

Please send comments to ebike@we-cycle.org.

Six green bikes


Free 20 minute e-bike rides

* Developed in partnership with bike shops.

How to find an e-bike
  • To find an available e-bike, open Transit and look for stations marked with a lightning bolt icon.
  • Tap station to see how many e-bikes are available.
How to check out an ebike
  • Open Transit, tap station for an Unlock Code and enter code at e-bike dock.
  • If using a key card, insert at e-bike dock.
Ride e-bikes safely
  • Check battery status by pushing the power button on the stemcap.
  • Pedal to activate the electric assistance.
  • BE READY for take off!
How to return an ebike when done riding
  • Check bike into any docking point at any WE-cycle station.
  • GREEN light confirms end of ride.


  • RIDE in the same direction of traffic.
  • FOLLOW the Rules of the Road.
  • RING bell to signal presence.
  • RESPECT local e-bike guidelines. WE-cycle e-bikes are a class 2 pedal-assist bike with a max speed of 20 mph.
  • NO riding on sidewalks or pedestrian malls or trails.
E-bike riders